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Since May, 2002

Well come. This is an information library regarding licensed unique Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) digital games and family games. Enjoy!

My intent is to cover comprehensively all 1st-version released digital games and all family games. For digital games, United States versions, programmable computer releases, and collectors editions take precedence over other game types. Information on digital utilities, game derivatives, and repackaged games is available in limited quantity.

Teasers are "no bling-bling reproductions" from the reverse-side packaging of 1st-version released games. When not available from 1st-version released games, teasers are from re-released or re-packaged games.

Any information provided to me regarding digital D&D games not found in this reference library will be greatly appreciated and may be rewarded. Please contact me at Thank you.

  TSR, D&D, and Dungeons & Dragons are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast.

This is a place to explore and learn. Please do not claim information from these web pages as your own. I don't own it. I expect nothing but credit for gathering and presenting this information. I've been doing so since 2002, long before the general public claimed original content in Wikipedia (although, it does rock). Please don't abuse my free, adless, lightweight, non-profit intentions.

Last Updated: 03/06/2017