On the publishing horizon:

D&D Essentials Kit – New starter exclusively at Target on 6/24/2019

Baldur’s Gate 3 – Digital game by Larian Studios (Belgium), release date to be announced

Renault car commercial – Spring 2019 Brazilian Dungeons and Dragon Cartoon car commercial for the Renault KWID Outsider, a French car company

Dungeons and Dragons – Summer 2021 movie Hasbro and AllSpark Pictures

Drizzt Movie/Series – fan promotion started 2011

D&D: Requiem Project – fan-built movie of unfinished cartoon episode

Dark Sun animated series – announced Winter 2001

Spelljammer TV and movies – announced Winter 2001

Great links:

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Tolkien computer games – a comprehensive guide to all computer games based on Tolkien’s universe

The Parallax Machine – about perspective

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