Well come, prospector

…to an exploration of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) tabletop board games and digital computer games. These media types are vital in today’s healthy lifestyle, representing the Age of Gaming, a gathering in a festival of mind, body, and spirit.

This is a place to explore and learn, and perhaps encourage and motivate readers to share their own creations.

Explore stories and impressions in the delightful archives

Digital games – collectors editions, programmable computer versions, and United States releases are showcased over other released versions

Tabletop games – English versions are showcased over other released versions, but there are many games released in only non-English versions, to which we pay particularly close attention… because they are so cool! We consider a tabletop game to be a game that both starts and finishes in a single gathering of players

Role Playing games – games that usually last over the course of multiple gatherings and led by a dungeon master or game master. Role Playing games are not showcased.

We’ve been building this collection since 2002, long before the general public claimed original content in Wikipedia. Although,¬†it¬†does rock at presenting facts, it’s lifelessly cold lacking the flame provided by alone the analog life.

Any information provided to us regarding D&D tabletop or digital games not found in this library will be greatly appreciated and may be rewarded. Please contact us.

Thank you. Enjoy!

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