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Over and over and over and over... again and again and... well, what is it?
...bottom line - cycles.

Cycles are the simplest, most meaningful manifestation in my universe. (No, I don't own the universe. I'm a part of it. Like my people, my universe.) So, anyway, what about cycles? Well, Wiccan beliefs originated from the concept of Mother Nature. Most know who this is, but few understand Her vast influence. Let me simplify. On Earth, we know Mother Nature as the woods, the wildlife, the land, the sky, the weather, and the seasons. Even within the seemingly chaotic human mind She encourages change and growth. However, Her reach is far greater than to our planet alone. All planets have seasons, heating and cooling, weather systems; each planet has a unique set of cycles. All life-forms, in all of existence, have one thing in common - they each have cycles. Each are influenced by Mother Nature.

Mother Nature is on Earth, yes, but She is within every form of life; Her nature stirs things up in the four corners of the universe, influencing all of existence. The nature of the universe is cyclical. Within all cycles change occurs, change that is fundamental to existence.

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Even though it's not a commonly desirable reality, change is a very good thing. So, let's celebrate it. The most evident change that occurs yearly is the change of seasons. A convenient breakdown of seasons creates cold events, hot events, and events in between. Wiccans believe cycles are the basis of existence, so much so that we've given names to the Earthly seasonal cyclical change events and established celebratory dates for them. Set the events upon a circle's edge and you get what Wiccans call the Wheel of the Year - a cycle symbol. Here are some example Wheels of the Year.

We've come to recognize the greatness of cycles, the support those cycles provide existence as well as the constraints they imposed on it, making humans what we are. This greatness commanded the creation of events we celebrate today - seasonal events.

Each Wiccan has their own interpretation on when the yearly cycle starts. There are many depictions in symbolic duality and Earthly cycles drawn about the Wheel. The variety is endless, but the principle behind them all is the same. Celebrations of the cycle. The undisputed, simple, and eternal cycle.

The events are called Sabbats (a word derived from the meaning "to cease or rest"). They are annual festivals honoring events of common meaning, events that have meaning to all humans on Earth. They seek to cause pause in life, time yearly to reflect on life.

Sabbat Solar Relationship United States Relationship Observed Midpoint Geometric Midpoint Meaning
Samhain Beginning of Winter Halloween October 31 November 7 ancestry
Yule Winter Solstice Christmas December 22 December 22 worship
Imbolc Beginning of Spring Candlemas January 31 February 4 love
Ostara Vernal Equinox Easter March 21 March 21 challenge
Beltane Beginning of Summer Roodmas April 30 May 6 growth
Litha Summer Solstice Midsummer June 22 June 22 luxury
Lughnasa Beginning of Autumn Lammas July 31 August 7 necessity
Mabon Autumnal Equinox Michaelmas September 23 September 23 preparation

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