Take it or Make it

Number of players: 2

Objective: Close 4 of 6 target numbers by first hitting each 3 times. Share in communal libation.

  • Recommendations: J├Ągermeister, Warm Apple Pie (12 oz Angry Orchard crisp apple cider and 1 shot of Fireball), Tang, Water

Entry prerequisite: All players must know and declare 1 rule: What is the Purpose of the Bullseye?

Purpose of the Bullseye: Hit the inner bullseye and the thrower may add 1 score (Make it) or remove 1 score from the opposer (Take it). Hit the outer bullseye and the thrower may only add 1 score (Make it). Make it or Take it must be performed immediately after the Bullseye is hit. Let’s face it, only amateurs play this version of darts. Anything that hits the bullseye is a lucky sloppy-shot.

Score board setup: Each player rolls a d20 3 times until 6 unique target numbers are achieved. Draw 3 columns, center column with the 6 target numbers and player initials to the left and right of center, like so:

1st thrower “honors”: At the beginning of each round, honors goes to the player with the highest score of the previous round. If the score of the previous round was a tie, then honors is kept by the player with honors. At the beginning of the game, roll initiative each using a d20; highest has “honors” as the 1st thrower; reroll ties. Fuzzy d20 pillows are highly recommended so you can pelt your opposer.

Score: Hits are multiplied as such:

Yellow zone counts as 1

Blue zone counts as 2

Green zone counts as 3

Outer bullseye (black) count as any 1

Inner bullseye (red) count as any 1 or take any 1 opposer score from an open target

“Ozzy” are hits in the white zone – on the board and no score

Anything on the wall is a “wiff”

Anything on the floor is a “biff”

If all players score nothing in a round, this round is a “tenderfoot”

Close target: The first player to hit a target number 3 times at the end of a round “closes” the target and it cannot be taken by an opposer. Hits cancel each other if both players hit the same target in the same round. For example if in a single round player 1 hits 3×8 and player 2 hits 2×8, player 1 scores 1×8 and player 2 scores nothing. Hit scores carry over to the next round.

Close 4 targets to win: The first player to close 4 targets wins the game. If both players close 3 targets, this game is “cubed”. 2nd thrower rolls a d20 to determine a sudden-death target, adds it to the scoreboard and play continues.

Winning streak: A player winning 2 games in a row forfeits their seat to the next player. Chill out. This is a party game.

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