Dusk settled heavily as the community brewers brought balance to their concoction – a fusion of water and honey, honoring Lugh at the annual Harvest, for all ages to enjoy. They bottled the sweet treat before the nighttime festivities began as the heat dipped to a comfortable level.

It was a full moon for this year’s bountiful Harvest celebration among family and friends. Though disrupting Midsummer events, the frequent rain brought large and colorful fruits and vegetables.

The brewers gathered the aging bottles as an unnaturally powerful flash appeared near town center. They hastily pursued the commotion.

…somewhen 10 lunar months later following the Beltane growth festival, the brewers gather honey in preparation for this year’s Harvest, while cracking awake last year’s ripened nectar!

Witchwood Historic Brews:

Asold outroark13.3%5/14/20192458620
Bsold outepicurian15.1%8/28/20202459091
Csold outold tristram14.4%04/18/20212459325
Fsold outnew tristram14.6%04/18/20212459325

Labels marked + have honey added just before cellaring.

Labels marked ×× contain the lees (sediment). Recommend filtering.

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