Control the elements.
Build an empire.

Click for Tears of Nature rules:

Objective: Build an empire of elemental pairs (earth, air, fire, water). Attack the opposition to control new pairs, and defend your empire against attack! The first player to complete their empire ends the game. Victory to the strongest empire!

3 challenge levels for ages 4 and up. For advanced players, negotiate the addition of a 5th element (spirit).

Contents: 67 cards (40 build, 17 attack, 6 defend, 4 wild); rules pamphlet

Available for purchase Spring 2020.

Optional rules (must be agreed by all players prior to the beginning of the game):

Quitters never win: Introducing the Round. A Round provides each player an equal number of turns regardless of who first completes an empire. End of game is a full Round ending with the player to the right [counter-clockwise] of the first player, and within which 1 or more empires are completed. Rulebook ratified in honor of the sacrifice made by king Christopher Child the Hopeful to his victor queen Tracy the Vanquisher.


“I’ve strong defense for my new empire. None can breach these walls,” Zenthaea secretly keeps. She pairs Water’s cool constancy with Earth’s richness. Together their 14 strength dominates the battlefield.


“My wilderness will erode their elemental strongholds,” Litelsnek plans.


Katanya stocks an Air element for the end game.


Rhysca discards a broken, rusty sword.

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