The Firewalker reentry into Esfah was drawn into the Frostwing kingdom, triggering an unexpected battle decimating the Firewalker lower ranks. The Firewalker commander seeks to recruit more units for this year’s planetary games. Fuel from the nearby forest is within reach.

The Treefolk commander senses death and decay in the earthly roots of his kingdom; he is led by the echoing cries of Death’s approach from the Water dragon spirits in the pools of Aguarehl. The commander organizes a defensive position, met by the Firewalker attack. This cannot go uncontested, though the dragon cries hint at something more visceral than a brief terrain battle.

Zenthaea: “At last we are at the woods’ edge and the Treefolk defy us. We provide the energy they need to live and thrive, and this is the thanks we get? We will show them what it means to deny Air and Fire.”

(F2) Entrenching a home base at the Highland terrain, the Firewalkers drench their Flatland campaign in Magic, Fiery Weapons boosting its Melee attack to control vital resources. (T1) The Treefolk Dryads resist death, Sprouting roots to heal lost units.

Rhysca: “The Firewalkers are at it again with their presumptuous invasion. They fuel Esfah, but the darkness draws our attention. By elements Water and Earth, my troops will defeat this bravado.”

(T2) The Treefolk advance at its home Swampland terrain, the Pineling squadron showering javelins upon the neighboring Flatland Firewalker Phoenix and its Sentinals. The barrage succeeds; the Firewalkers are unable to defend against the raining Missiles. (F1) Desperate for fuel, the Firewalker commander gathers her senses and sends reinforcements to the Flatland.

Zenthaea: “Lucky strike. Let’s see what they do against my Nightsbane.”




(T1 and T2) The Treefolk experience an unlucky streak of actions, unable to maneuver or damage the enemy.

(F1) The Firewalker Nightsbane advance successfully at the Flatland and gain control, as the Treefolk summon an Earth Drake to usurp the settlement. The battle rages on, advantage Treefolk. As the Firewalker troops diminsh, the Treefolk commander redirects his attention to the patterns of Death.

Death in the Swampland Waters, the murky muds reminding commanders of monstrous mutations found in Marsh Mages, Sprayers and Stormers of the slithering Swampstalkers.












Collaborative videos illustrating the Dragon Dice board game, by SFR Inc.


The 2-Player Starter pack

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