Litelsnek and Rhysca stood at the edge of a rushing river, the blizzard scrambling their sense of direction. “Bong!” they heard again the sound of the bounding bell tower. They were close.

“Let’s do this!” Litelsnek yelled excitedly as his comrade disappeared into the blizzard to cross the frigid river. With the ferocious whiteout before him, Litelsnek squatted behind his stout shield providing a moment of calm to gather his senses. “C’mon, cool million,” he whispered too himself.

White-knuckled, Rhysca tightly gripped his overhead sword and sheath, struggling to keep his footing as he trudged through waist-deep icy current.

Suddenly the flurry stopped. Softly the snow fell. A figure appeared at the base of a tall castle.

“Nice to see you guys!” Katanya greeted, arms stretched wide. Katanya held the wild torrent of chaos just beyond the edge of a giant invisible sphere.

Litelsnek breathed a sigh of relief. “This shield was a parachute in the wind.” Litelsnek effortlessly stepped across the river among the high rocks.

Rhysca begged, “Could you give me a hand?” anchored at the riverbed.

Katanya was anxious as the wind started to break through her protective sphere. “Guys, that’s the last of my dust. Let’s get into the keep.”

They gathered in the keep’s vestibule, the stone walls covered in melee weaponry, shields and wizard satchels – most aging and unkempt.

“That looks like new equipment,” Katanya admired. “You are going to need it. A dragon has claimed the keep as its lair. I reached the good stuff at Dungeon level 3, piles of priceless gems!”Daggeron


Chapter 0: Arming yourself. Flippers and Magic Save.

Chapter 1: Extinguish the dragon’s flame with Dust (Yellow targets), Sword (Red targets), and Shield (Blue targets). Restore equipment.

Chapter 2: The Wizard and Warrior escape into the lair and a new hero joins the fight! Enter the lair in a real party vs dragon (multi-ball).

Chapter 3: Increase dungeon level on the left ramp. Teleport as heroes escape.

Chapter 4: Reach the Mystical Million in the Bell Tower on the right ramp.


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